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The author holds the copyright for the pre-refereed preprints, so they can be self-archived without seeking anyone else's permission. Even for refereed papers, most publishers allow some form of archiving into institutional repositories. In some cases publishers may not permit you to deposit their final PDF version published in a journal but will allow a previous peer-reviewed version. As a guideline, since most copyright restrictions generally apply to the final publishers version, we suggest that you should prefer your final draft for self-archiving (and not the final publishers version). In this way, you get the advantages of early and wider dissemination and at the same time, the service will comply with copyright law.

Journal papers
The majority of publishers support the right of authors to make their own work available online.
To check whether it will be possible to add your journal paper to the repository:
1 It may be helpful to read the copyright agreement you signed when you published your paper.
2 If you do not have a copy of the agreement or if the agreement does not address the question of self-archiving, you may find it helpful to check the Sherpa/Romeo Publisher Policy List(Search by publisher) or EPrints RoMEO Publisher Policy List (Search by title). RoMEO does not have information on all journal publishers but it is a good place to start.
3 The publisher's own web site may give information on self-archiving permissions for authors.
4 If you are unsure of the copyright position, contact DA Administrator for assistance. In some cases it will be necessary to seek archiving permission directly from the publisher concerned.
5 We may have to embargo some work to fulfill publisher policies but deposit the work in any case - we will make it live as soon as the embargo expires and it will be good publicity for the work in the meantime.

Conference papers
These can often be deposited. If copyright has not been assigned elsewhere, you can deposit your own copy of the work. Otherwise, it may be necessary to contact the publisher of the proceedings.

Book chapters
If you have retained copyright, you should be able to deposit your own version of the work - though it is worth checking the terms and conditions of your publishing agreement. The simplest approach is to send a standard permission letter/email to your book publisher.