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B, Padma (2008) Study of Some Mathematical Models in Population Dynamics and Epidemiology. PhD thesis, BITS PILANI.

Bhatt, Rajesh (2014) Computational Investigation on Vortex Shedding / Suppression and Aerodynamic Characteristics of a Square Cylinder in Presence of an Upstream Rectangular Cylinder under Couette-Poiseuille Flow. PhD thesis, BITS-Pilani.

KUMAR, K P KRISHNA (2015) Information Diffusion Modelling to Counter Semantic Attacks in Online Social Networks. PhD thesis, BITS.

Sharma , Bhupendra Kumar (2011) Three-Dimensional Mixed Convection Flow past an Infinite Vertical Plate with Constant Surface Heat Flux. Three-Dimensional Mixed Convection Flow past an Infinite Vertical Plate with Constant Surface Heat Flux, 1 (1). pp. 27-32.

VYAS, PANKAJ (2014) Software Fault Trees and Software Failure Modes and Effects Approaches for Preliminary Phases of Object-Oriented Software Design. PhD thesis, BITS-Pilani.


ALVA, SUJALA (2010) Web Services: Application Development, Interoperability, Mobility and Security Issues. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

ARUNA, GOVADA (2018) Study in Data Reduction and Multi-Class Classification for Distributed Data. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.


BALAJI, V (2016) Cooperative Spectrum Sensing Techniques in Cognitive Radios. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

Bansal, Sunita (2015) Design and Development of Scheduling Algorithms for Grid Computing Systems. PhD thesis, BITS.

Bharath , A (2009) Online HandwrittenWord Recognition for Indic Scripts using Hidden Markov Models and Data-driven Modeling of Writing Styles. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

BHISE, MINAL KAMLAKAR (2009) Software Engineering Modeling Techniques for Semantic Web based Systems. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

BHUTANI, GITANJALI (2015) Schemes for Self-Management in Wireless Networks for throughput and Reliability Improvement. PhD thesis, BITS.

BIJU, K R (2009) Energy Efficient Techniques for Multi-tasking Embedded Systems – Cache Design and Task Scheduling Algorithms. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.


DAHIYA , DEEPAK (2007) Design Language for Aspect Oriented Software Development & Design Pattern Extensions. PhD thesis, BITS PILANI.

DIGALWAR, MAYURI A. (2016) Energy Efficient Multicore Scheduling Algorithms for Real Time Systems. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.


Goel, Nihita (2012) Synthesizing and Runtime Monitoring of Business Process Workflows. PhD thesis, BITS.

Gupta, Neetika (2019) Robust Image Registration Methods for Varying Image Quality and Imaging Conditions in Augmented Reality Systems. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

Gupta, Nirmal Kumar (2014) Object Oriented Software Quality Estimation Using Maintainability Metric and Genetic Algorithms. PhD thesis, BITS.


HARI BABU, K (2012) Methods for Efficient and Secure Service Availability in Peer-to-Peer Overlay Networks. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.


Jagadish, Suryadevara (2009) Framework for Specification of Concurrent and Reactive Systems in Unified Modeling Language. PhD thesis, BITS PILANI.

Jain, Vipin (2009) Comparative Analysis of Opportunistic Routing Protocols in Multihop Wireless Mesh Networks. Other thesis, BITS PILANI.

JEGADEESAN, HARSHAVARDHAN (2009) Towards a Model-Driven Approach to Support SOA-Based Web-Business Platforms. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.


Kayiram, Kavitha (2014) Novel Data Routing, Compression and Query Processing Techniques for Energy Conservation in Wireless Sensor Networks. PhD thesis, BITS.

KESKAR, SWATI D. PANDE (2015) An Innovative Wearable Computing Framework For Early Detection of Cardiac Anomalies. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

Kumar, Dinesh and Regalla, Srinivasa Prakash (2006) Finite Element Model Analysis of the Dynamics of Suspension Structure for a Hard Disk Drive. Natioal Conference on Design for Product Life Cycle, Feb 17-18 , 2006 BITS- Pilani . (Submitted)

Kumar, K.Pradheep (2016) Fuzzy-Based Querying Approach for Multidimensional Big Data Quality Assessment. Handbook of Research on Fuzzy and Rough Set Theory in Organizational Decision Making .

Kumar K, Pradheep (2019) Fuzzy Approach for Quantum Processors using Qutrits. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, Vol. 28, No. 2 .

Kumar K, Pradheep (2019) Modified Backward Chaining Algorithm Using Artificial Intelligence Planning IoT Applications. Edge Computing and Computational Intelligence Paradigms for the IoT .


MADIAJAGAN, M (2009) Semantic Integrity Control and Interoperability for Component Based Software Development. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

MANJUSHA, K (2015) Strategies and Algorithms for the Effective Control of E-mail Spam. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

Mathur, Trilok (2014) Applications of Feket-Szeg¨o Inequalities for Generalized Sakaguchi Type Functions to Fractional Derivative Operator. MATEMATIKA .

Mathur, Trilok (2014) Characterization and Subordination Properties for Spirallike. Palestine Journal of Mathematics .

Mathur, Trilok (2012) Fekete-Szego Inequalities for Generalized Sakaguchi Type Functions. Proceedings of the World Congress on Engineering .

Mathur, Trilok (2010) On Certain p-valently Analytic Functions Involving Hadamard Products using Ruschweyh Derivative. International Journal of Advanced Engineering and Application .

Mathur, Trilok (2012) Some Starlike and Convexity Properties of Sakaguchi Classes for Hypergeometric Functions. International Journal of Open Problems in Complex Analysis .

Mathur, Trilok (2014) SUFFICIENT CONDITIONS FOR GENERALIZED SAKAGUCHI TYPE FUNCTIONS OF ORDER β. Turkic World Mathematical Society Journal of Applied and Engineering Mathematics .

Mathur, Trilok (2003) A Theorem Relating Multidimensional Generalized Weyl Fractional Integral, Laplace and Varma Transforms with Applications. Tamsui Oxford Journal of Mathematical Sciences .

MURALI , P (2014) Design Issues and Implementation of Quality of Service Aware Routing and Resource Allocation in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks. PhD thesis, BITS.


NARANG, PRATIK (2015) Mechanisms for Intrusion Detection in Peer-to-Peer Networks. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.


PATRA, ATASI (2013) Dynamics of Biological Species: Some Mathematical Models. PhD thesis, BITS pilani.


Rai , Sunil Kumar (2007) Business Continuity Management Model for Indian Banks: An Empirical Study of Selected Banks in Mumbai. PhD thesis, BITS PILANI.

RAKHEE, (2018) Ant-Colony based Energy Ecient Routing Technique for Wireless Body Area Networks. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

RANI, SHAVETA (2008) Investigations on Survivability Strategies in WDM Optical Networks. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

Ranjani, J Jennifer (2016) Environment Conscious Automated Vehicle Navigation System using PID Controller. Indian Journal of Science and Technology, 9 (48). ISSN 0974-5645

Ranjani, J. Jennifer (2015) Bayesian denoising of ultrasound images using heavy-tailed Levy distribution. IET Image Processing, 9 (4). pp. 338-345.

Ranjani, J. Jennifer (2017) Data hiding using pseudo magic squares for embedding high payload in digital images. Multimedia Tools and Applications, 76 (3). pp. 3715-3729.

Ranjani, J. Jennifer (2015) DESIGN AND REALIZATION OF HUMAN DISCOVERY AND TRACKING USING VIDEO STREAMING IN WIRELESS MULTIMEDIA SENSOR NETWORKS(WMSN). International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, 10 (25). pp. 21234-21239. ISSN ISSN 0973-4562

Ranjani, J. Jennifer (2010) Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform Based SAR Despeckling Using Interscale Dependence. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON GEOSCIENCE AND REMOTE SENSING, , 48 (6). pp. 2723-2731.

Ranjani, J. Jennifer (2008) Edge Detection in Speckled SAR Images with Improved ROEWA. Sixth Indian Conference on Computer Vision, Graphics & Image Processing .

Ranjani, J. Jennifer (2005) Efficient Algorithm for Removing Blocking Artifacts in JPEG Compressed Images. IEEE Indicon 2005 Conference, Chennai, India .

Ranjani, J. Jennifer (2006) An Efficient Extension to Chain Codes for External Image Representation. International Conference on Wireless and Optical Communications Networks .

Ranjani, J. Jennifer (2016) Enhanced Playfair Cipher for Image Encryption using Integer Wavelet Transform. Indian Journal of Science and Technology, 9 (39). ISSN 0974-5645

Ranjani, J. Jennifer (2012) Fast threshold selection algorithm for segmentation of synthetic aperture radar images. IET Radar, Sonar and Navigation, 6 (8). pp. 788-795. ISSN 1751-8784

Ranjani, J. Jennifer (2015) Fault Detection and Recovery using Integrated Battery Power and Sensor Failure Detection Algorithm. International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, 10 (25). pp. 21240-21244. ISSN 0973-4562

Ranjani, J. Jennifer (2006) Fuzzy Optimal Thresholded Multiscale Morphological Segmentation of Digital Images. International Conference on Wireless and Optical Communications Networks .

Ranjani, J. Jennifer (2011) Generalized SAR Despeckling Based on DTCWT Exploiting Interscale and Intrascale Dependences. IEEE GEOSCIENCE AND REMOTE SENSING LETTERS,, 8 (3). pp. 552-556.

Ranjani, J. Jennifer (2016) High Precision Traffic Monitoring Alert System using Image Background Subtraction. Indian Journal of Science and Technology, 9 (48).

Ranjani, J. Jennifer (2016) Image Retrieval using Generalized Gaussian Distribution and Score based Support Vector Machine. Indian Journal of Science and Technology, 9 (48).

Ranjani, J. Jennifer (2018) Medical Image Reliability Verification Using Hash Signatures and Sequential Square Encoding. Journal of Intelligent Systems, 27 (1). pp. 19-30.

Ranjani, J. Jennifer (2006) A New Algorithm for Removing Blocking Artifacts in JPEG Compressed Images. 1ST IEEE Conference on Industrial Electronics and Applications .

Ranjani, J. Jennifer (2006) Removal of blocking artifacts in JPEG compressed images using Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Filters for Multimedia on the Web. International Conference on Wireless and Optical Communications Networks .

Ranjani, J. Jennifer (2008) ROEWA based Detector for SAR Automatic Target Recognition. International Conference on Computing, Communication and Networking .

Ranjani, J. Jennifer (2017) THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK FOR SECURE MULTICHANNEL COMMUNICATION IN WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORKS FOR HEALTH CARE. International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, 115 (7). pp. 23-29.

Ranjani, J. Jennifer (2016) Vehicle Intruder Alert System using Multi-Layered Authentication Technique. Indian Journal of Science and Technology, 9 (48).

Ranjani, J. Jennifer (2008) Wavelet Packet based Automatic Image Matching of Satellite Images. International Conference on Industrial and Information Systems .

Ranjani, J.Jennifer (2014) Content Based Image Retrieval using Ripplet Transform and Kullback-Leibler Distance. International Conference on Computer Communication and Informatics .

Ranjani, J.Jennifer (2013) Secure Image Retrieval using Pyramid Histogram of Oriented Gradient Descriptor. International Conference on Advanced Computing and Communication Systems .

Ranjani , Jennifer J. (2015) Bi-level thresholding for binarisation of handwrittenand printed documents. IET Computer Vision, 9 (1). pp. 41-50. ISSN 1751-9632

REDDY DANDA, JAGAN MOHAN (2016) Peer-to-Peer Network Trafic Classification Based on Statistical and Behavioral Analysis. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.


S, JAYAMSAKTHI (2008) Study of Security Issues and Development of Risk Minimization Techniques for Web Applications. PhD thesis, BITS PILANI.

Sharma, Bhupendra K. and Yadav, Kailash and Mishra, Nidhish K. and Chaudhary, R. C. (2012) Soret and Dufour Effects on Unsteady MHD Mixed Convection Flow past a Radiative Vertical Porous Plate Embedded in a Porous Medium with Chemical Reaction. Applied Mathematics, 3 . pp. 717-723.

Sharma, Bhupendra Kumar (2012) ANALYTICAL INVESTIGATION OF THE HYDROMAGNETIC FLOW IN A POROUS MEDIUM DUE TO PERIOD ICALLY HEATED OSCILLATING PLATE. Journal of Applied mechanics and Engineering, 17 (4). pp. 1367-1375.

Sharma, Bhupendra Kumar (2012) Comment on “Analytical solution to the problem of MHD free convective flow of an electrically conducting fluid between two heated parallel plates in the presence of an induced magnetic field”. International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computation, 4 (3). pp. 337-338. ISSN 0974 - 4665 (Print) 0974 - 4673 (Online)

Sharma, Bhupendra Kumar (2011) Effect of radiation on temperature distribution in three-dimensional Couette flow with heat source/sink. International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 16 (2). pp. 531-542. ISSN 1425-1655

Sharma, Bhupendra Kumar (2009) Effects of Fluctuating Surface Temperature and Concentration on Unsteady Convection Flow Past an Infinite Vertical Plate with Constant Suction. Heat Transfer Research, 40 (6). pp. 505-519.

Sharma, Bhupendra Kumar (2007) MHD FORCED FLOW OF A CONDUCTING VISCOUS FLUID THROUGH A POROUS MEDIUM INDUCED BY AN IMPERVIOUS ROTATING DISK. Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 17 (4). pp. 1297-1308.

Sharma , B. K. (2011) Hydromagnetic Unsteady Mixed Convection Flow Past an Infinite Vertical Porous Plate. Applied Mathematics, 1 (1). pp. 39-45.

Sharma , Yashvardhan (2008) Efficient Bitmap Indexing Techniques for Data Warehouses and Scientific Databases. PhD thesis, BITS PILANI.

Sharma , Bhupendra Kumar (2012) COMMENT ON "INDUCED MAGNETIC FIELD WITH RADIATING FLUID OVER A POROUS VERTICAL PLATE: ANALYTICAL STUDY" AUTHORED BY SAHIN AHMED. Journal of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering . ISSN 1813-8235 (Print), 2070-8998 (Online)

SHEKHAWAT, VIRENDRA SINGH (2013) Design and Development of Performance Enhancement Techniques in Optical WDM Networks. PhD thesis, BITS.

Shekhawat, Krishnendra, Krishnendra Shekhawat (2013) Algorithm for constructing an optimally connected rectangular floor plan. Frontiers of Architectural Research (2014) 3 , 324 – 330, 3 . pp. 324-330.

Shekhawat, Krishnendra, Krishnendra Shekhawat (2015) Computer-aided architectural designs and associated covariants. Journal of Building Engineering, 3 . pp. 127-134.

Shekhawat, Krishnendra, Krishnendra Shekhawat (2017) A computer-generated plus-shaped arrangement and its architectural applications. A computer-generated plus-shaped arrangement and its architectural applications .

Shekhawat, Krishnendra, Krishnendra Shekhawat (2017) Design Computing and Cognition ' 16. Design Computing and Cognition ' 16 .

Shekhawat, Krishnendra, Krishnendra Shekhawat (2015) Mathematical propositions associated with the connectivity of architectural designs. Ain Shams Engineering Journal .

Shekhawat, Krishnendra, Krishnendra Shekhawat (2015) Why golden rectangle is used so often by architects: A mathematical approach. Alexandria Engineering Journal .

Shekhawat, Krishnendra, KrishnendraShekhawat (2015) Automated space allocation using mathematical techniques. Automated space allocation using mathematical techniques, 6 (3). pp. 795-802.

Shekhawat, Krishnendra, KrishnendraShekhawat (2016) Best connected rectangular arrangements. Best connected rectangular arrangements, 55 (1). pp. 445-449.

SINGH, PARAMJEET (2007) Investigations on Routing and Wavelength Assignment Algorithms in WDM Optical Networks. PhD thesis, BITS PILANI.

SRIVASTAVA, AGRIMA (2015) Enhancing Privacy in Online Social Networks using Data Analysis. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

SRIVASTAVA, PRAVEEN RANJAN (2012) Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of Software Testing. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.


Thakur, Abhishek Kumar (2018) Optimization of Video Delivery Over Opportunistic Networks. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

TYAGI, DINESH KUMAR (2018) Survivable Routing Mechanisms in Optical WDM Networks. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

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