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Bandyopadhyay, Jayendra N. (2012) Quantum Coherence and Sensitivity of Avian Magnetoreception. Physical Review Letters .

Bandyopadhyay, Jayendra N. and Gong, Jiangbin (2012) Statistical properties of power-law random banded unitary matrices in the delocalization-localization transition regime. The European Physical Journal B .

Chaudhary, Ankit (2012) Computer Vision based Intelligent Techniques for Hand Gesture Recognition. PhD thesis, BITS.

DUTTA, MANOJ KUMAR (2012) Design and Performance Analysis of Contention Resolution Techniques in Optical WDM Network. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

KAPOOR, KAVITA (2012) Interpretation of Weather Forecasts for Tornado and Cloudburst using Data Mining Techniques. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

KASHIRAMKA, SMITA (2012) An Empirical Analysis of Mergers & Acquisitions in Indian Information Technology Sector and its Impact on Shareholders Wealth. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

Kulshrestha, Arpita (2012) Studies on Drug Sensitivity in Leishmania donovani Field Isolates and Differential Gene Expression Analysis in Miltefosine Resistant Parasites. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

MISHRA, RUPESH KUMAR (2012) Development of Novel Biosensing Micro Techniques for Analysis of Pesticide Residues and Heavy Metals in Water and Milk. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

MOHIDEEN, P B AHAMED (2012) Breakdown Maintenance Management (BMM) Model for Construction Machinery – United Arab Emirates Perspective. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.


S, Jegadheeswaran (2012) Investigations on Particles Dispersed Latent Heat Thermal Energy Storage System for Solar Water Heaters. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

S Ve, Ramesh (2012) Longitudinal Assessment of Optic Nerve Head Progression in Glaucoma: A Population Based Study. PhD thesis, BITS.

Shekhar, Chandra (2012) Queueing Analysis of a Multi-component Machining System having Unreliable Heterogeneous Servers and Impatient Customers. American Journal of Operational Research, 2 (3). pp. 16-26.

VENKATARAMAN, SUSHEELA (2012) Going Global Successfully: In Search of Strategies for Emerging Indian Multinational Companies. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.


Bandyopadhyay, Debashis (2012) Architecture, electronic structure and stability of TM@Ge(n) (TM = Ti, Zr and Hf; n = 1-20) clusters: a density functional modeling. Journal of Molecular Modeling, 18 (1). pp. 405-418.

Bandyopadhyay, Debashis (2012) Architectures, electronic structures, and stabilities of Cu-doped Gen clusters: density functional modeling. Journal of Molecular Modeling, 18 (8). pp. 3887-3902.

Bandyopadhyay, Debashis (2012) Chemisorptions effect of oxygen on the geometries, electronic and magnetic properties of small size Nin (n = 1-6) clusters. Journal of Molecular Modeling, 18 (2). pp. 737-749.

BENJAMIN, BIJU (2012) Novel Methodology Integrating Experimental ADME and Physicochemical Data for Rational Lead Optimization Using Selected Clinical Compounds. PhD thesis, BITS.

Bitragunta , Sainath (2012) Generalizing the Amplify-and-Forward Relay Gain Model: An Optimal SEP Perspective. IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications .


Chaubey, V.K. (2012) Design and characterization of a modified WDM ring network – An analytical approach. Design and characterization of a modified WDM ring network – An analytical approach, 123 . pp. 1103-1107.

CHAUHAN, PRADEEP SINGH (2012) Genetic Alteration and Multidrug Resistant Gene Expression Profile of Acute Leukemia. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

Choubisa, R (2012) ATOMIC AND MOLECULAR PHYSICS: Introduction to Advanced Topics introduces advanced topics of Atomic and Molecular Collision Physics covering Atomic structure calculations, Photoionization of atomic systems, Electron-atom collisions, Ion-atom collisions, Collisions involving exotic particles, Ultracold atoms and Bose-Einstein condensation as well as Atomic data and Plasma diagnostics. This volume is very useful to start research in theoretical and experimental Atomic and Molecular Physics. The book is also helpful to those working in interrelated research areas like Laser physics, Astrophysics and Plasma and Fusion research where such a background of theoretical Atomic Collision Physics is an integral part. Atomic and Molecular Physics .

Choubisa, R (2012) K-shell (e, 3e) processes with transversely spin-polarized relativistic electrons. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, , 388 (4).

Choubisa, R (2012) Theoretical estimate of fivefold differential cross sections and spin asymmetry for K-shell (e,3e) processes with transversely-spin-polarized relativistic electrons. Physical Review A, 86 (2).


Dalvi, Anshuman (2012) Electrical, structural and thermal characterization of Cu2O substituted AgI–(Cu2O)x (Ag2O)1 − x–V2O5 glassy superionic system. Solid State Ionics, 225 . pp. 363-366.

Dalvi, Anshuman (2012) The Meyer–Neldel rule and hopping conduction. Solid State Communications, 152 (7). pp. 612-615.

DIPALOY DATTA, DIPALOY (2012) Experimental and Theoretical Studies on Reactive Extraction of Carboxylic Acids. PhD thesis, BITS.

DUBE, URVASHI (2012) Identification of Genetic Loci Associated with Risk for Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) in Indians from Rajasthan. PhD thesis, BITS.


GADDIPATI, SUBHASH (2012) Characterisation of Cultured Oral Mucosal Epithelial Cells and its Application for Reconstructing the Ocular Surface in Patients with Severe Ocular Surface Diseases. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

GARG, SHASHANK (2012) Integrated Service Operations Management in the E-Governance Paradigm: A Case of the Cooperative Sugar Sector. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

Gill, B S (2012) New Design Criteria for Hydro Dam Safety. Technical Report. B S Gill.

Goel, Nihita (2012) Synthesizing and Runtime Monitoring of Business Process Workflows. PhD thesis, BITS.

GUPTA, NEHA (2012) Thermal stability investigations on Ag+ ion conducting superionic glasses and glass-ceramic nanocomposites. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

Gupta, Raj Kumar (2012) Effect of functionalized carbon nanotube on electro-optic and dielectric properties of a liquid crystal. Journal of Molecular Liquids, 171 . pp. 60-63.

Gupta, Raj Kumar (2012) Effect of functionalized carbon nanotube on electro-optic and dielectric properties of a liquid crystal. Journal of Molecular Liquids, 171 . pp. 60-63.

Gupta, Raj Kumar (2012) Studies on Langmuir monolayer of tricycloquinazoline based disk-shaped liquid crystal molecules. Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 410 . pp. 91-97.

Gupta, Raj Kumar and Manjuladevi, V. (2012) Liquid Crystals at Interfaces. Israel Journal of Chemistry, 52 (10). pp. 809-819. ISSN 00212148

Gupta, Raj Kumar and Manjuladevi, V. and Karthik, C. and Kumar, Sandeep and Suresh, K.A. (2012) Studies on Langmuir monolayer of tricycloquinazoline based disk-shaped liquid crystal molecules. Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 410 . pp. 91-97. ISSN 09277757

Gupta, Suresh (2012) Application of Nanomaterials for the Removal of Pollutants from Effluent Streams. Nanoscience and Nanotechnology - Asia, 2 (2). pp. 140-150.


HARI BABU, K (2012) Methods for Efficient and Secure Service Availability in Peer-to-Peer Overlay Networks. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

HARIDAS, P (2012) Development and Validation of Quality Management Constructs For Software Industries. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

Holkundkar, Amol (2012) Proton acceleration by circularly polarized traveling electromagnetic wave. Electronic Refereed Journal Article (HTML), 15 (9).


Jha, Prabhat Nath and Gupta, Garima (2012) Assessment of mineral phosphate-solubilizing properties and molecular characterization of zinc-tolerant bacteria. Journal of Basic Microbiology, 52 . pp. 549-558.


Kar, Asutosh (2012) Dynamic tap-length estimation based low complexity acoustic echo canceller. In: International Conference on Emerging Trends in Science, Engineering and Technology, Trichy.

Kar, Asutosh (2012) An Improved IWT Based Algorithm for Transmission and Security of Telemedicine. In: International Conference on Signal and Image Processing, Coimbatore.

Kar, Asutosh (2012) An Improved Order Estimation of MSF for Stereophonic Acoustic Echo Cancellation. In: InconINDIA-2012, Visakhapatnam.

Kar, Asutosh (2012) A novel approach for spatial domain authentication system design in telemedicines. In: International Conference on Computer Communication and Informatics, Coimbatore.

KIRAN, C PHANEENDRA (2012) Experimental Investigation for Quality Evaluation and Concurrent Design Principles Applied to CNC Turning. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

Kumar, Anil (2012) Ionic Liquid-Supported Aldehyde: A Highly Efficient Scavenger for Primary Amines. Ionic Liquid-Supported Aldehyde: A Highly Efficient Scavenger for Primary Amines, 14 . pp. 5-9.

Kumar, Anil (2012) Ionic Liquid-Supported Synthesis of Sulfonamides and Carboxamides. Ionic Liquid-Supported Synthesis of Sulfonamides and Carboxamides, 14 . pp. 60-65.

Kumar, Anil (2012) Saccharide derived dinuclearCu(II)complex;Anefficientcatalyst for oxidation of catechol and benzylic alcohols. Saccharide derived dinuclearCu(II)complex;Anefficientcatalyst for oxidation of catechol and benzylic alcohols, 17 . pp. 95-98.

KUMAR, MANISH (2012) A DFT-Based Study of Electronic Structures and Properties of Cage Like Transition Metal Doped Ge and Si Nanoclusters. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

Kumar , Anil (2012) One-pot regioselective synthesis of tetrahydroindazolones and evaluation of their antiproliferative and Src kinase inhibitory activities. Bioorganic & Medicinal chemistry Letters, 22 . pp. 410-414.




Mahesh, Radhakrishnan (2012) Antidepressant Potential of 5-HT3 Receptor Antagonist, N-n- propyl-3-ethoxyquinoxaline-2-carboxamide (6n). Journal of Young Pharmacists .

Mahesh, Radhakrishnan (2012) Antidepressant-like effect of etazolate, a cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase 4 inhibitor—an approach using rodent behavioral antidepressant tests battery. European Journal of Pharmacology .

Mahesh, Radhakrishnan (2012) Evaluation of anti‑diabetic activity of methanolic extract from the bark of Atalantia monophylla (Linn.) in alloxan‑induced diabetic mice. International Journal of Green Pharmacy .

Manjuladevi, V (2012) Liquid Crystals at Interfaces. Israel Journal of Chemistry, 52 (10). pp. 809-819. ISSN 00212148

Manjuladevi, V and Gupta, Rajkumar (2012) Effect of functionalized carbon nanotube on electro-optic and dielectric properties of a liquid crystal. Molecular Lquids, 171 . pp. 60-63.

Manjuladevi, V. and Gupta, Raj Kumar and Kumar, Sandeep (2012) Effect of functionalized carbon nanotube on electro-optic and dielectric properties of a liquid crystal. Journal of Molecular Liquids, 171 . pp. 60-63. ISSN 01677322

Matai, Rajesh (2012) Non-greedy systematic neighbourhood search heuristic for multi-objective facility layout problem. International Journal of Services and Operations Management .

Mathur, Trilok (2012) Fekete-Szego Inequalities for Generalized Sakaguchi Type Functions. Proceedings of the World Congress on Engineering .

Mathur, Trilok (2012) Some Starlike and Convexity Properties of Sakaguchi Classes for Hypergeometric Functions. International Journal of Open Problems in Complex Analysis .

Mehrotra, Rajesh (2012) Evidence for Directed Evolution of Larger Size Motif in Arabidopsis thaliana Genome. The Scientific World Journal .

Mehrotra, Rajesh and Mehrotra, Sandhya (2012) Evidence for Directed Evolution of Larger SizeMotif in Arabidopsis thaliana Genome. The Scientific World Journal .

Mehta, Deepak (2012) Evaluation of library websites of Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab and Delhi states : with reference to content, usability, look and feel. Next Generation Librarianship: Strategies for change management . pp. 319-329. ISSN 9788178002651 (Submitted)

Mehta, Deepak (2012) Study of library websites of ‘India’s top universities’. Information Literacy in Promoting e-Resources and its empowerment for LIS Professionals . pp. 246-257. ISSN 9789381979150

MITRA, ANURUP (2012) Exploratory Studies in Parameter Determination for High Quality Hindi Speech Generation using the Klatt Synthesiser. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

Modak, Pintu (2012) A discriminant analysis of team cohesiveness among high-performance and low-performance elite Indian volleyball players. Studies in Physical Culture & Tourism, 19 (4). pp. 191-195. ISSN 0867-1079

MOHANTY, DILLIP KUMAR (2012) Estimation and Prediction of Fouling Behaviour in a Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchanger. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

MOSES, Y. SAMSON (2012) Detection of Novel Mutations in UL23 Gene of Herpes Simplex Virus and UL97 Gene of Human Cytomegalovirus Conferring Drug Resistance And Evaluation of pp65 Antigenemia Assay. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.


Narayanam, Maruthi Kumar (2012) Synthesis and Anticancer Activity Studies of Some Novel Indolyl Heterocycles. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.


Pakalapati, Deepak (2012) Studies on molecular detection of malarial parasites. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

Pani, Ajay Kumar and Mohanta, Hare Krishna (2012) Development andcomparisonofneuralnetworkbasedsoftsensors for onlineestimationofcementclinkerquality. ISA Transactions .

Pant, Debi Dutt (2012) Ground and Excited State Dipole Moments of Quinine Sulfa te Dication.: Solvatochromic Shift of Absorption and Fluorescence Spectra. Journal of Molecular Liquids, 172 . pp. 125-129.

Pant, Debi Dutt (2012) Solvatochromic shift and estimation of dipole moment of quinine sulfate. Journal of Molecular Liquids, 166 . pp. 49-52.

Panwar, Jitendra (2012) Bioavailability of Soil P for Plant Nutrition. In: Farming for Food and Water Security. Springer, pp. 177-200.

Panwar, Jitendra (2012) Biotechnological approach of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi towards medicinal plants:potentiality and applications. In: National Seminar on "Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture: Emerging Trends", March, 10-11, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, India.

Panwar, Jitendra (2012) Efficacy of root-associated fungi and PGPR on the growth of Pisum sativum (cv. Arkil) and reproduction of the root-knot nematode Meloidogyne incognita. Journal of Basic Microbiology, 53 . pp. 318-326.

Panwar, Jitendra (2012) Endophytic Nitrogen-Fixing Bacteria as Biofertilizer. In: Endophytic Nitrogen-Fixing Bacteria as Biofertilizer. Springer, pp. 183-221.

Panwar, Jitendra (2012) Phytosynthesis of silver nanoparticles from Prosopis cineraria leaf extract and evaluation of their antimicrobial activity. In: International Conference on Industrial Biotechnology, 21-23 November, Punjabi University, Patiala, India.

Panwar, Jitendra (2012) Positive effect of zinc oxide nanoparticles on tomato plants: A step towards developing nano-fertilizers. International Conference on Environmental Research and Technology (ICERT) .

Panwar, Jitendra (2012) Potentiality of Thiobacillus in Agricultural System. Advanced Science, Engineering and Medicine .

Panwar, Jitendra (2012) Synthesis, characterization and microbiocidal studies of novel ionic liquid tagged Schiff bases. Comptes Rendus Chimie, 15 (8). pp. 669-674.

Prashant, G J (2012) A study on pharmaclogical induction of heat shock protein 70 as a neuroprotective strategy for the treatment of stroke. PhD thesis, BITS.


Rahaman, Mubeena (2012) Significance of Written English in Business Communication: An Analytical Study with Reference to Star Hotels of Dubai. PhD thesis, BITS.

Ramani, A.V. (2012) Thiazine Derivatives: Synthesis, Anti Tubercular Activities and Basic Pharmacokinetic Evaluation. PhD thesis, BITS.

Ranjani, J. Jennifer (2012) Fast threshold selection algorithm for segmentation of synthetic aperture radar images. IET Radar, Sonar and Navigation, 6 (8). pp. 788-795. ISSN 1751-8784


Rao , M. Sudershan (2012) Synthesis of Selected Biologically Important Organic Compounds Employing Multicomponent Reactions, ortho-Quinonemethide Intermediates and Metal Triflate Catalysts. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

Runthala , Ashish (2012) Protein Structure Prediction: Challenging Targets for CASP10. Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics .


Saha, Subit K. (2012) A cationic surfactant-concentration dependent binding of a guest molecule with the nanotubes of b-cyclodextrin and its release from the nanotubular cavities. Soft Matter .

Saha, Subit K. (2012) Exploration of twisted intramolecular charge transfer fluorescence properties of trans-2-[4-(dimethylamino)styryl]benzothiazole to characterize the protein–surfactant aggregates. Journal of Luminescence .

Sarkar, Tapomoy Guha (2012) Constraining large‐scale H I bias using redshifted 21‐cm signal from the post‐reionization epoch. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 421 (4).

Sarkar, Tapomoy Guha (2012) Metric Deformation and Boundary Value Problems in 2D. Progress of Theoretical Physics, 127 (1). pp. 57-70.

Sarkar, Tapomoy Guha (2012) Primordial Non-Gaussianity in the Forest: 3D Bispectrum of Lyman-α Flux Spectra along Multiple Lines of Sight. PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, 109 (12).

Saxena, Vishal and Garg, Shilpi (2012) Novel mutations in the antifolate drug resistance marker genes among Plasmodium vivax isolates exhibiting severe manifestations. Experimental Parasitology, 132 (4). pp. 410-416.

Saxena, Vishal and Garg, Shilpi (2012) Plasmodium vivax apicoplast genome: A comparative analysis of major genes from Indian field isolates. Plasmodium vivax apicoplast genome: A comparative analysis of major genes from Indian field isolates, 122 (1). pp. 138-149. ISSN 0001-706X


SHARMA, AJAY KUMAR (2012) Epidemiological Study on HIV and AIDS Affected Population in North India. PhD thesis, BITS pilani.

Sharma, Bhupendra K. and Yadav, Kailash and Mishra, Nidhish K. and Chaudhary, R. C. (2012) Soret and Dufour Effects on Unsteady MHD Mixed Convection Flow past a Radiative Vertical Porous Plate Embedded in a Porous Medium with Chemical Reaction. Applied Mathematics, 3 . pp. 717-723.

Sharma, Bhupendra Kumar (2012) ANALYTICAL INVESTIGATION OF THE HYDROMAGNETIC FLOW IN A POROUS MEDIUM DUE TO PERIOD ICALLY HEATED OSCILLATING PLATE. Journal of Applied mechanics and Engineering, 17 (4). pp. 1367-1375.

Sharma, Bhupendra Kumar (2012) Comment on “Analytical solution to the problem of MHD free convective flow of an electrically conducting fluid between two heated parallel plates in the presence of an induced magnetic field”. International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computation, 4 (3). pp. 337-338. ISSN 0974 - 4665 (Print) 0974 - 4673 (Online)

Sharma, Bhupendra Kumar (2012) Soret and Dufour Effects on Unsteady MHD Mixed Convection Flow past a Radiative Vertical Porous Plate Embedded in a Porous Medium with Chemical Reaction. Applied Mathematics .

Sharma, Bhupendra Kumar (2012) Unsteady flow through porous medium induced by periodically rotating half-filled horizontal concentric cylindrical annulus with heat transfer. Unsteady flow th rough porous medium induced by periodically rotating half - filled horizontal concentric cylindrical annulus with heat transfer, 7 (10). pp. 1530-1539. ISSN 1992-1950

Sharma, Monika (2012) Design and synthesis of multifunctional leads for the treatment of neuropathic pain. PhD thesis, BITS.

Sharma, Nitin (2012) Resource Allocation in Downlink OFDMA Systems: An Evolutionary Approach. PhD thesis, BITS.

Sharma, Pankaj Kumar (2012) Biochemical characteristics of a novel vegetative tissue geraniol acetyltransferase from a monoterpene oil grass (Palmarosa, Cymbopogon martinii var. Motia) leaf. Plant Science .

Sharma, SATYENDRA KUMAR and Bhat, Anil (2012) Identification and assessment of supply chain risk: development of AHP model for supply chain risk prioritisation. International Journal of Agile Systems and Management .

Sharma , Bhupendra Kumar (2012) COMMENT ON "INDUCED MAGNETIC FIELD WITH RADIATING FLUID OVER A POROUS VERTICAL PLATE: ANALYTICAL STUDY" AUTHORED BY SAHIN AHMED. Journal of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering . ISSN 1813-8235 (Print), 2070-8998 (Online)

SHEKH, MOHD.RAEESH (2012) Studies on Biochemical and Genetic Aspects of the Antimycotic Principle Produced by a Selected Wild type Enterococcus faecalis. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

Siju, C R (2012) Optical, electrochemical and morphological investigations of poly (3,4-propylenedioxythiophene)–sultone (PProDOT–S) thin films. Bulletin of Materials Science , 35 (4).

Singh, Ajit Pratap (2012) Optimal Selection of a Landfill Disposal Site Using a Modified Fuzzy Utility Approach. Fuzzy Information and Engineering, 4 (3). pp. 313-338.

Singh, Shachi (2012) Phytochemical analysis and localization of bioactive compounds in Prosopis juliflora. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

SOWMIYA, M (2012) Nucleic Acid Based Techniques for the Detection and Identification of Drug Resistance among Ocular Bacterial Pathogens. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

SRIDEVI, PADMA J (2012) Design, Synthesis and Biological Assessment of Topoisomerase-I Inhibitors Targeting Mycobacterium tuberculosis. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

SRIVASTAVA, PRAVEEN RANJAN (2012) Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of Software Testing. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

Sundararaman, Arun T (2012) Information Quality Strategy - an Empirical Investigation of the Relationship Between Information Quality Improvements and Organizational Outcomes. PhD thesis, BITS.


THOUDAM , REGINA DEVI (2012) Genetic Analysis and Gene Expression Profile in Gastric Cancer in a High-Risk Northeast Region of India. PhD thesis, BITS.

TIWARY, PAWAN KUMAR (2012) A Comprehensive Analysis of The Transcriptome In Human Colorectal Cancer Cells Lacking DNA Methyltransferases. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.


UPADHYAY, NITIN (2012) Concurrent Modeling, Analysis and Design of Component Based Software System. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.



VATS, VIKAS (2012) Modulation of Immune Response by Epithelial cells During Chlamydia trachomatis Infection. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.


YADAV, DHIRENDRA SINGH (2012) Gene Expression Profiling and Genetic Variations in Oral Cancer Associated with Tobacco Consumption. PhD thesis, BITS.

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