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Yadav, Sangita (2018) SuperconvergenceofaclassofexpandeddiscontinuousGalerkinmethodsforfullynonlinearellipticproblemsindivergenceform. JournalofComputationalandAppliedMathematic, 333 (1). pp. 215-234.



ALLURI, KUMAR RAJU (2018) Incident Handling in IaaS Cloud Environment using Digital Forensic Practices. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

Ansie, Martin (2018) Study on the mechanism of metal nano-oxide induced stress on ‘Type 2 Pneumocytes’ cultured in vitro. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

ARAPIRALA, VENKATA PAVAN KUMAR (2018) Tie-Line Frequency Bias Control of an Interconnected PV-Wind Hybrid Power System. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

ARUNA, GOVADA (2018) Study in Data Reduction and Multi-Class Classification for Distributed Data. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.


BAVEJA, MANSI (2018) Study on Coelomic Fluid of Astropecten indicus and Isolation and Characterisation of a Bioactive Agent. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

Bayya, Madhuri (2018) Battery Monitoring using Source Side Excitation with Voltage Pulse Sequence. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

BHAKAR, VIKRANT (2018) Development of a Sustainability Assessment Framework for Manufacturing Industry. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

BHAKAR, VIKRANT and Digalwar, A. K. and Sangwan, Kuldip Singh (2018) Sustainability assessment framework for manufacturing sector a conceptual model. Procedia CIRP .

BHATNAGAR, SHUBHMITA (2018) Polymeric Microneedle Device for Transcutaneous Delivery of Antigen and Chemotherapeutics. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

BIJEESH, M. M. (2018) Linear and Nonlinear Optical Characterization of BaTiO3 Nanoparticles and their Applications in Two-Photon Photothermal Microscopy. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

Bitragunta , Sainath (2018) Energy efficient and delay-constrained sleep period optimization for green radio communication. Physical Communication .


CHAWLA, HIMANSHU (2018) Study of Structural Response and Failure Characteristics of Thin-Walled Flanged FRP Beams. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

CHOUDHARY, KAILASH and Sangwan, Kuldip Singh (2018) Benchmarking Indian ceramic enterprises based on green supply chain management pressures, practices and performance. Benchmarking: An International Journal, 25 (9).


DAS, DEEPTHI (2018) Bioprospecting of Halophilic Archaea from Indian Solar Salterns. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

DASH, SUBHRA (2018) Analyzing the Role of TNF-α and Autophagy in Regulation of TGF-β Induced Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition in Cancer Cells. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.


Fageria, Pragati (2018) Synthesis of Metal, Semiconducting Metal Oxide and Sulfide Nanomaterials for Catalysis and Photocatalysis. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.


Ganjikunta , Ganesh Kumar (2018) Analysis and Design of FFT Processor Architecture for OFDM Applications. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

GAYATRI , T. LAKSHMI M (2018) Power Quality Enhancement in Microgrids Using Custom Power Devices. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

Gill, B S (2018) Discovery Papers Root Cause of the Poverty in India. Technical Report. B S Gill.

Gupta , Shashank (2018) A client-server JavaScript code rewriting-based framework to detect the XSS worms from online social network. Concurrency and Computation Practice and Experience .

Gupta , Shashank (2018) Defense against HTML5 XSS Attack Vectors: A Nested Context-Aware Sanitization Technique. In: 2018 8th International Conference on Cloud Computing, Data Science & Engineering (Confluence) .

Gupta , Shashank (2018) Efficient yet Robust Elimination of XSS Attack Vectors from HTML5 Web Applications Hosted on OSN-Based Cloud Platforms. Procedia Computer Science .

Gupta , Shashank (2018) Evaluation and monitoring of XSS defensive solutions: a survey, open research issues and future directions. Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing .

Gupta , Shashank (2018) POND: polishing the execution of nested context-familiar runtime dynamic parsing and sanitisation of XSS worms on online edge servers of fog computing. International Journal of Innovative Computing and Applications .

Gupta , Shashank (2018) A Robust Server-Side JavaScript Feature Injection-Based Design for JSP Web Applications Against XSS Vulnerabilities. In: Cyber Security. Springer, p. 2018.

Gupta , Shashank (2018) SFC: A Three Layer Smart Phone-Fog-Cloud Framework for Defending against JavaScript Code Injection Vulnerabilities on OSN. In: 2018 8th International Conference on Cloud Computing, Data Science & Engineering (Confluence) .


Harikrishnan, A R (2018) Correlating contact line capillarity and dynamic contact angle hysteresis in surfactant-nanoparticle based complex fluids. Physics of Fluids .

Harikrishnan, A R (2018) Electrohydrodynamic fibrillation governed enhanced thermal transport in dielectric colloids under a field stimulus. Soft Matter .

Harikrishnan, A R (2018) Governing Influence of Thermodynamic and Chemical Equilibria on the Interfacial Properties in Complex Fluids. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B .

Harikrishnan, A R (2018) Ionic solubility and solutal advection governed augmented evaporation kinetics of salt solution pendant droplets. Physics of Fluids .

Harikrishnan, A R (2018) Magnetohydrodynamics- and magnetosolutal-transport-mediated evaporation dynamics in paramagnetic pendant droplets under field stimulus. Physical Review E .

Harikrishnan, A R (2018) Oscillatory solutothermal convection-driven evaporation kinetics in colloidal nanoparticle-surfactant complex fluid pendant droplets. PHYSICAL REVIEW FLUIDS .

Harikrishnan, A R (2018) Particle and surfactant interactions effected polar and dispersive components of interfacial energy in nanocolloids. Journal of Applied Physics .

Holkundkar, Amol (2018) Chirp assisted ion acceleration via relativistic self-induced transparency. Physics of Plasmas .

Holkundkar, Amol (2018) Energetic electron bunch generation by laser interaction with xenon clusters. Physics of Plasmas .

Holkundkar, Amol (2018) Transition from wakefield generation to soliton formation. Physical Review E .


Jalan, A K and Gunerkar, Rohit and BELGAMWAR, SACHIN ULHASRAO (2018) Fault diagnosis of rolling element bearing based on artificial neural network. Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology .

Jha, Shibani K. (2018) New analysis says Puga has highest geothermal potential. India Science Wire .


KAKANI, PARIK (2018) The Role of Anopheles Heme Peroxidases in Mosquito Immunity against Blood-Borne Antigens and Divergent Expression of anopheline Lineage-Specific Duplicated Genes. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

Kandpal, Kavindra (2018) Investigations on Electronic Behavior and Stability Issues of Zinc Oxide (ZnO) based Thin-Film Transistors (TFTs). PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

KANT, GIRISH and Sangwan, Kuldip Singh (2018) Development of an Empirical Model for Optimization of Machining Parameters to Minimize Power Consumption. IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering .

KARRI, BABU RAVI TEJA (2018) A Comparative Study o f Pulse Triggered Flipflops. In: Fourth International Conference on Devices, Circuits and Systems (ICDCS’18), Electronics and Communication Engineering Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences.

KARRI, BABU RAVI TEJA and GUPTA, NAVNEET (2018) Hybrid Bilayer Gate Dielectrics Based Organic Thin Film Transistors (OTFTs). Bulletin of Materials Science .

Kema, Venkata Harini (2018) Studying the Role of Diallyl Sulfide in Ameliorating Ethanol Induced Adipose Tissue Injury. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

Khedar, Poonam (2018) Click Chemistry Inspired Synthesis of Novel Triazolyl Conjugates and their Antimicrobial Activity. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

KISHORE, RAJALEKSHMI (2018) Performance Analysis of Energy Efficient Spectrum Sensing Techniques in Cognitive Radio Networks. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

Krishna , M (2018) Rajasthan farmers benefited from solar water pumps: study. The Hindu .

KULKARNI, PUSHKAR (2018) Zebrafish Models for Neuroscience Drug Discovery. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

Kumar, Arya (2018) Insights for Innovations. Trendspooter .

KUMAR, NUPUR RAJEEV (2018) Pancreatic Tissue Engineering Using Agarose Based Nano-Composites and Human Umbilical Cord Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

Kumar, Rajneesh (2018) Analysis of soil distortion factor for photovoltaic modules using particle size composition. Solar Energy . pp. 90-99.

Kumar, Rajneesh (2018) Global maximum power point tracking of PV arrays under partial shading conditions using a modified particle velocity-based PSO technique. IET Renewable Power Generation .

Kumar, Rajneesh (2018) A high gain cascaded boost converter with reduced voltage stress for PV application. Solar Energy .

KUMAR, RUPAK (2018) Biological Approaches for Treating Industrial Effluents Containing “Morpholine". PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

KUMAR, SRAVAN (2018) Atomized Liquid Nitrogen Spray Assisted Machining of Al-TiCp Metal Matrix Composites with Different Tool Geometry. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

Kumar , Chetan (2018) Design and Synthesis of Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Transistor (CNFET)-based Ternary Logic Circuits. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

Kumar , Rakesh (2018) Machinability Studies of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy Using Novel Minimal Solid Lubricant Mixture Application Method. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

KUMARI, SANTOSH (2018) Coumarin-appended Amino Acids and Azaheterocycles: Design, Synthesis, Photophysical Studies and Sensing Applications of Selected Compounds. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

Kunkur, Giridhar (2018) The Role of Modern Libraries in the New Age of Teaching and Learning. Taleem .


MISHRA, PRAGNYA PARAMITA (2018) Development of Novel Synthetic Methodologies,Characterization and Studies on Magnetic and Surface Properties of Some Binary and Ternary Transition Metal Nitrides. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

MISHRA, SOMESH and Gupta,, Suresh and Raghuvanshi, Smita (2018) Investigation on CO2 bio-mitigation using Halomonas stevensii in laboratory scale bioreactor: Design of downstream process and its economic feasibility analysis. Journal of CO2 Utilization .

Modak, Pintu (2018) Sports Engineering: A comprehensive approach to sports development in India. University News .

Moitra, Debabrata (2018) Development of Novel Synthetic Methodologies for the Preparation of Multifunctional Ferrite-Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanocomposites and Study of Their Microwave Absorption and Catalytic Properties. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

MUKKA, SAISUDHAKAR (2018) Electronic and Structural Properties of Substituted Oligo- and Polythiophenes. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.


NAIDU, APPALA UTTARAVALLI (2018) Polymerization and Kinetic Studies of Ketonic Resin Synthesized by Environment–Friendly Method. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

Nair, Hari and Agrawal , Vidhi (2018) From Jan Sunwai to Rajasthan Right to Hearing Act 2012: Fostering Transparency and Accountability through Citizen Engagement. Studies in Indian Politics .

Nair, Hari and Agrawal , Vidhi (2018) Institutionalising Social Audit in Meghalaya. Economic and Political Weekly .

Nair, Hari and Bhattacharya, Somdatta and Holkundkar, Amol (2018) Towards founding BITS Pilani: Retelling a story at variance. . (Submitted)

NARANG, PRATIK (2018) SMS Spam Filtering on Multiple Background Datasets Using Machine Learning Techniques: A Novel Approach. IEEE .

Nazir, Roshan (2018) Synthesis of Metal and Metal Oxide Nanoparticles for Electrocatalytic Hydrogen and Oxygen Evolution Reaction. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

Nehra, Pankaj (2018) Synthesis, Characterization and Applications of Ionic Liquidtagged Schiff Base Complexes of Pd, Cu and Zn. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

NITTALA, RAMCHANDRA (2018) Mitigation of Power Quality Problems Using Interline Dynamic Voltage Restorer. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.


PANDEY, KHIMA (2018) Synthesis of Functionalized Imidazo[1,2-a]pyridines and Amides using Pyridinium Salts. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

PANKAJ, (2018) Development and Usage of Ductile Composite Materials for Retrofitting and Strengthening of Masonry Structures. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

Panwar, Jitendra and Choudhury, Subhasree Roy and Pareek, Vikram (2018) Superior Bactericidal Efficacy of Fucose-Functionalized Silver Nanoparticles against Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1 and Prevention of Its Colonization on Urinary Catheters. Applied Materials and Interfaces .

Panwar, Jitendra and Pareek, Vikram and Bhanot, Vishalakshi and Gupta, Rinki and Jain, Nishtha (2018) Formation and Characterization of Protein Corona Around Nanoparticles: A Review. Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology .

Panwar, Jitendra and Pareek, Vikram and Gupta, Rinki (2018) Do physico-chemical properties of silver nanoparticles decide their interaction with biological media and bactericidal action? A review. Materials Science & Engineering .


Raghuvanshi, Smita and Jha, Prabhat Nath and MISHRA, SOMESH (2018) Effect of inoculation of zinc-resistant bacterium Enterobacter ludwigii CDP-14 on growth, biochemical parameters and zinc uptake in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) plant. Ecological Engineering , 116 . pp. 163-173.

Raghuvanshi, Smita and Sangwan, Kuldip Singh (2018) Comparative study using life cycle approach for the biodiesel production from microalgae grown in wastewater and fresh water. Procedia CIRP .

RAKHEE, (2018) Ant-Colony based Energy Ecient Routing Technique for Wireless Body Area Networks. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

RAMA , SRI KALYANA (2018) Proportioning of Self Compacting Concrete Mixes Based on Plastic Viscosity Approach- Experimental and Numerical Investigations. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.


Ranjani, J. Jennifer (2018) Medical Image Reliability Verification Using Hash Signatures and Sequential Square Encoding. Journal of Intelligent Systems, 27 (1). pp. 19-30.

Rao, N.V.S.S.Seshagiri (2018) Magnetization Reversal Study in CoFe Magnetic Nanostructures. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

REDDY, P. O. VENKATARAMANA (2018) Synthesis and Anticancer Activity Studies of Some Novel Indole Related Heterocycles. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

REDDY, S SANKHAR (2018) Modular Self-Reconfigurable Robot for Implementation of Biomimetic Structures. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

REDDY, T JANARDHANA (2018) Studies on Structural Configurations for Vehicular Crash Energy Absorption. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

ROMPICHARLA S V KIRAN, ROMPICHARLA S V (2018) Tumor Targeted Multifunctional Poly(amidoamine) (PAMAM) Dendrimers to Promote Delivery of Poorly Soluble Chemotherapeutic Agent Paclitaxel in Cancer. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

Roy, Aniruddha (2018) Autophagy inhibition potentiates SAHA‑mediated apoptosis in glioblastoma cells by accumulation of damaged mitochondria. ONCOLOGY REPORTS .

Roy, Aniruddha (2018) Evaluation of novel platinum(II) based AIE compound-encapsulated mesoporous silica nanoparticles for cancer theranostic application. Dalton transcations .

Roy, Aniruddha (2018) Tumor heterogeneity and nanoparticle-mediated tumor targeting: the importance of delivery system personalization. Drug Delivery and Translational Research .


SAINI, HITESH KUMAR (2018) Synthesis of Azaheterocycles via Copper/Palladium-Catalyzed Intramolecular Arylation Reactions. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

Sangwan, Kuldip Singh (2018) Development of an integrated performance measurement framework for lean organizations. Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management .

Sangwan, Kuldip Singh (2018) Leanness assessment of organizational performance: a systematic literature review. Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management . pp. 768-788.

Sangwan, Kuldip Singh and BHAKAR, VIKRANT (2018) Measuring Carbon Footprint of an Indian University Using Life Cycle Assessment. Procedia CIRP 69 . pp. 475-480.

Sangwan, Kuldip Singh and BHAKAR, VIKRANT and Digalwar, A. K. (2018) Sustainability assessment in manufacturing organizations: Development of assessment models. Benchmarking: An International Journal (25).

Sangwan, Kuldip Singh and CHOUDHARY, KAILASH and Batra, Chirag (2018) Environmental impact assessment of a ceramic tile supply chain – a case study. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SUSTAINABLE ENGINEERING .

Sangwan, Kuldip Singh and Sihag, Nitesh (2018) Development of a multi-criteria optimization model for minimizing carbon emissions and processing time during machining. Procedia CIRP .

Sangwan, Kuldip Singh and Soni, M.S. and Sihag, Nitesh and BHAKAR, VIKRANT (2018) Comparative Analysis for Solar Energy Based Learning Factory: Case Study for TU Braunschweig and BITS Pilani. Procedia CIRP . pp. 407-411.

Sarkar, Niladri (2018) Understanding the effect of inelastic electron-phonon scattering and channel inhomogeneities on a nanowire FET. Superlattices and Microstructures, 114 .

SATHVIKA, T (2018) Immobilization of Microorganisms in Suitable Matrices for the Sequestration of Chromium from Industrial Effluents. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

SEEHRA, DOLLY (2018) Tracking Narrative Patterns and Film Elements within the Selected Short Fictional Films of Mira Nair: An Empirical Study. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

Selvaganapathy, J (2018) Phenomenological Aspects of Noncommutative Standard Model. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

SHAIK, MOHAMMED MONSOOR (2018) Studies on Fabrication of Bilayer Scaffolds Incorporating Antibacterial and Antioxidant Agents for Wound Healing Applications. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

Sharda, Nikita (2018) Antecedents of Luxury Consumption in India: An Empirical Investigation. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

Sharma, Ashu (2018) Group-wise Classication Approach to Improve Malware Detection Accuracy. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

Sharma, Mohit (2018) Understanding Managerial Perception of Corporate Social Responsibility Practices in a Public Sector Undertaking: An Empirical Study. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

Sharma, SATYENDRA KUMAR and Matai, Rajesh (2018) Forcefield analysis of Indian automotivestrategic sourcing risk managementenablers and barriers. Measuring Business Excellence , 22 (3). pp. 258-275.

SHARMA, VAISHALI (2018) Numerical Solution for Cauchy and Hypersingular Integral Equations by Using Legendre Polynomials. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

Shehnaz, Nalband Saif Dilavar (2018) Analysis and Classification of Vibroarthographic Signal Using Nonstationary Signal Processing Techniques. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

Shekhar, Chandra (2018) Estimation of scattering and intrinsic attenuation based on multiple lapse time window analysis in Sikkim Himalayan region, India. Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors, 284 . pp. 1-9.

Shekhar, Chandra (2018) Reliability prediction of fault tolerant machining systemwith reboot and recovery delay. International Journal of System Assurance Engineering and Management, 9 (2).

Shekhawat, Krishnendra, Krishnendra Shekhawat (2018) A compositional schema for the automated generation of best connected rectangular floor plans. Formal Methods in Architecture and Urbanism. Formal Methods in Architecture and Urbanism . pp. 259-273.

Shekhawat, Krishnendra, Krishnendra Shekhawat (2018) Enumerating generic rectangular floor plans. Automation in Construction .

Shekhawat, Krishnendra, Krishnendra Shekhawat (2018) Introduction to generic rectangular floor plans. Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Design, Analysis and Manufacturing: AIEDAM .

Shekhawat, Krishnendra, Krishnendra Shekhawat (2018)  Introduction to generic rectangular floor plans, AIEDAM: Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Design,. Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Design, Analysis and Manufacturing: AIEDAM .

Sihag, Nitesh and Sangwan, Kuldip Singh and Pundir, Siddhant (2018) Development of a structured algorithm to identify the status of a machine tool to improve energy and time efficiencies. Procedia CIRP .

Singh, Ajit Pratap (2018) Application of Multiple Linear Regression as Downscaling Methodology for Lower Godavari Basin. In: Climate Change Impacts. Springer, pp. 25-34.

Singh, Ajit Pratap (2018) Application of Storm Water Management Model to an Urban Catchment. Hydrologic Modeling . pp. 175-184.

Singh, Ajit Pratap (2018) Groundwater Quality Assessment in a Hyper-arid Region of Rajasthan, India. Natural Resources Research . pp. 1-18.

Singh, Ajit Pratap (2018) Impact assessment of fly ash on ground water quality: An experimental study using batch leaching tests. Waste Management & Research .

Singh, Ajit Pratap (2018) No urgency to bridge industry-academy gap. Documentation. Education World.

Singh, Ajit Pratap (2018) Potential Impacts of Climate Change on Water Resources in Semi-Arid Region of Chittorgarh, India. In: Climate Change Impacts. Springer.

Singh, Ajit Pratap (2018) Regulation of water resources systems using fuzzy logic: a case study of Amaravathi dam. Applied Water Science .

Singh, Ajit Pratap (2018) Regulation of water resources systems using fuzzy logic: a case study of Amaravathi dam. Applied Water Science .

Singh, Ajit Pratap and R, Srinivas (2018) Development of a HEC-HMS-based watershed modeling system for identification, allocation, and optimization of reservoirs in a river basin. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment .

Singh, Ajit Pratap and R, Srinivas (2018) An integrated fuzzy-based advanced eutrophication simulation model to develop the best management scenarios for a river basin. Environmental Science and Pollution Research .

Singh, Ajit Pratap and Srinivas, R. and Bhattacharya, Kunal (2018) Sustainable management of a river basin by integrating an improved fuzzy based hybridized SWOT model and geo-statistical weighted thematic overlay analysis. Journal of Hydrology, 563 . pp. 92-105. ISSN 0022-1694

Srinivas, R. and Singh, Ajit Pratap (2018) Holistic approach for quantification and identification of pollutant sources of a river basin by analyzing the open drains using an advanced multivariate clustering. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment .

Srinivas , R. (2018) Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis and Modeling for Water Quality Management in a River Basin. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

SURESH, V.V.N. SATYA (2018) Minimization of Weld Line Movement and Improvement of Accuracy in Heat Assisted Forming of Tailor Welded Blanks. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

Suri, Dhavala (2018) A Study of Electronic and Thermal Transport Properties of Transition Metal Dichalcogenides for Device Applications. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.


TALASILA, S R K PRASAD (2018) Cell Model of Multidimensional Networks. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

Thakur, Abhishek Kumar (2018) Optimization of Video Delivery Over Opportunistic Networks. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

TRIPATHI, BHAVYA (2018) Modeling and Analysis of Single and Two-phase MHD Blood Flow in a Stenosed Artery with Heat and Mass Transfer. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

TYAGI, DINESH KUMAR (2018) Survivable Routing Mechanisms in Optical WDM Networks. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.


Udumula, Mary Priyanka (2018) Role of Double Stranded Rna Dependent Protein Kinase R in Diabetes: Mechanism and Prevention by Novel Pkr Inhibitors. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.


V, Manjuladevi (2018) Detection of cadmium ion in aqueous medium by simultaneous measurement of piezoelectric and electrochemical responses. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 268 .

VANDANA, VANDANA (2018) Transformation and Expression of a Na+-Dependent High Affinity Bicarbonate Transporter SbtA to Nicotiana Chloroplasts. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.


YADAGIRI, T (2018) Synthetic Studies on Fused Pyridine/Dihydropyridine Based Heterocyclic Systems. PhD thesis, BITS Pilani.

Yadav, Neetu (2018) Amazon India’s ‘Apni Dukaan’: Branding Strategy. Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies .

Yadav, Neetu (2018) Development of performance management system incorporating dual perspectives of enterprise and customers’. Measuring Business Excellence .

Yadav, Neetu (2018) Drivers of Sustainability Practices and SMEs: A Systematic Literature Review. European Journal of Sustainable Development .

Yadav, Neetu (2018) Next Education: Technology Transforming Education. South Asian Journal of Business and Management Cases .


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