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Ajit Pratap , Singh (2019) An evidence based integrated watershed modelling system to assess the impact of non-point source pollution in the riverine ecosystem. Journal of Cleaner Production .


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Srinivas, R. and Singh, Ajit Pratap (2019) Understanding the threats and challenges concerning Ganges River basin for effective policy recommendations towards sustainable development. Environment, Development and Sustainability .

Srinivas, R. and Singh, Ajit Pratap and Shankar, Divyanshu (2019) Understanding the threats and challenges concerning Ganges River basin for effective policy recommendations towards sustainable development. Environment, Development and Sustainability, 21 (100). ISSN 1387-585X (Print) 1573-2975 (Online)


V, Manjuladevi and Gupta, Raj Kumar (2019) Effect of functionalised silver nanoparticle on the elastic constants and ionic transport of a nematic liquid crystal. Liquid Crystals .

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